How To Ride Your Bike Into A Headwind

There is nothing as disappointing as getting out for a ride on your bike and meeting unbearable winds that make cycling difficult or impossible. Moving uphill on any day or cycling in the rain can be bad but worse is when you are faced with headwind that saps your morale and drains all your energy. Wind increases drag and you need to pedal more to achieve a certain speed or sometimes just to move. A headwind can cut a cyclists speed by half and this is why you should know how to ride your bike into a headwind.

Get Low

The most important tip on how to ride your bike into a headwind is to get low. You should get low such that your back is almost horizontal and align your back and your head but avoid hunching your back. Your elbows should be kept in to minimize the frontal area that comes into contact with the wind. The elbows should be bent a little and held in line with the body. In essence, the reason behind all these is to get aerodynamic. This means that your position will be cutting through the headwind instead of creating a strong resistance that will require more pedaling. Of course if you want to improve your strength and other parameters such as Vo2 max testing data then sit up into the wind. However most people are not thinking about that when they are suffering into a head on gust.

When you are riding in a group, the best way to beat headwind is to draft. Drafting means that all the cyclists are in a line following each other closely. Drafting means that the cyclist in the front is the one taking much of the resistance and the wind that is being cut at the front allows the other cyclist cycle without much effort as there is less drag.

Each of the cyclists in the group can take their turn on the front to take the workload as the other rest.

Gear down
You might consider increasing your cadence by dropping a gear down as staying in high gears might overwork your legs and quickly drain the energy you need to reach your destination. You can have impromptu strength intervals on long straights to help you on focusing and breaking it down. Since you need twice the amount energy to achieve a certain speed that you can achieve easily in weak winds, you probably need a low gear that will help you move without necessarily putting in much effort all at once.

Wear Fitting clothes

When cycling into a headwind, you should avoid wearing loose clothes as they will probably act as drogue chutes that will contribute to slowing you down and increase the need for more pedaling. The best option is to wear windproof clothes such as a jersey with a wind stopper as they will assist in reducing the drag.

Start with the Headwind
If you want to ride to and fro, you should start battling with the headwind while you are still fresh as you will have more energy to handle it then you can let the wind blow you home when coming back. This is also a great way to improve your lactate threshold

Be safe

Wind is not only a barrier when cycling, it can also get dangerous and you should be careful as there might be crosswinds that can throw you off track and cause injuries. You should always understand the direction of the wind to plan your cycling.

Bike Riding And Fitness

bike fitnessThe individuals who own a bike know how advantageous it is and the individuals who don’t have one, ought to learn the advantages of riding a bicycle. There is a relationship between bike riding and fitness and has many health advantages associated with it. It is even good for people who need reducing some extra weight. Cycling is really popular in many parts of the world and children as well as parents take pleasure in this brilliant sporting activity. Individuals who are looking ahead to getting themselves another bicycle ought to look for assistance from reputable dealers. These experts deal with all the cycling needs from bikes to shoes and right clothing for cycling in order to guarantee your safety even as you reap the benefits of bike riding.

Cycling in the first place can really help people to lose those extra kilos. It is a fun experience that can make people healthy and awaken their senses. A regular cycling routine can also decrease the chances of individuals getting heart problems, obesity and elevated blood pressure. Cycling offers a great way to enhance movement and balance. Keeping a legitimate balance between the body and the bicycle aids to strengthen and tighten core muscles of the abdomen. Moreover, cycling also aids to release daily stress. After an exhausting day at work, individuals can take some time out in the afternoon and admire the beauty of nature as they go out cycling.

Riding a bicycle promotes mental health, improves mood, decreases level of depression and increases self esteem. Regular riding also helps people to gain strength and agility. The best thing is that people of all ages can take part in this attractive sport. Riding a bicycle is easy on the joints and does not cause aches and pains. Cycling is the answer for how people should enhance their health and wellbeing. Regular riding also serves to keep blood pressure normal. Individuals who perform cycling regularly or on week after week basis experience increased perseverance and strength. Solid stamina is important to finish everyday tasks effortlessly. In addition to reducing calories, it also serves to boost metabolism which further aids in weight loss.

As individuals grow old, they appear to get engaged for the most part with inside chores and forget the peace of the outdoor world. With the advancement of technology, people these days simply stick themselves to televisions and computers. They simply want to pass their time viewing unnecessary serials or playing games on computer. Lack of physical exercises on a daily basis decreases their health level and makes them vulnerable to diseases and illnesses that create health problems and disorders.

Cycling is the least difficult of all sorts of exercises that can help people of all ages to develop their strength and get physically fit. It is one of the greatest ways to eliminate problems, for example, stress, depression, over weight and other health conditions. Bike riding and fitness go hand in hand and offers a great chance to people to maintain their health without going through extreme exercises. Health ought to be the first priority of humans and there is no easier way than riding a bicycle to maintain a good health. Moreover, it helps people to live long and healthy lives.

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